Children and Teens

Have you noticed changes within your child or teen?

Are they having difficulty maintaining friendships, easily agitated, or isolating self?

Are you seeking real solutions to chronic behavioral problems, sleeping issues, feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, or family discord?

Has it been difficult trying to manage these issues alone?

Could you benefit from the assistance of an objective, non-judgmental professional to help sort out the problems? 

If your child is experiencing challenges;  it may be a sign that they need additional support. Even children in loving families can experience emotional difficulties that require extra intervention. Whether child, teen, or adult, I believe everyone is deserving of being at ease in their life.

I have several years experience working with children and teens as a former school social worker and community therapist. This experience allows me to better understand your child’s needs and support them in developing skills that can be utilized in all settings (i.e. home, school, and within their social community).

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